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Geeks get the glory
It might appear like a competition for computer geeks, but the ACM-ICPC Asia Phuket Regional Programming Contest 2013, held at the Prince of Songkla University in Phuket last week, actually served as a platform for tech-savvy youngsters to shine.

Category : TEXT/ mylife
27 Nov 2013
Curb your enthusiasm
If reactions are any indication, the most exciting news of the week was Samsung sending a 1 gigabit signal across 2km. This was apparently based on what 5G technology may look like. If the pundits are anything to go by, Asia has essentially bypassed 4G and is eagerly awaiting 5G to hit the streets. It will have to wait a while as the Samsung exercise was just a demo of proof of concept. As of today, there are no ratified standards for 5G and Samsung appears to be trying to get out a head of the pack.

Category : TEXT/ mylife
22 May 2013
Red Hat seeking larger Asean footprint
Red Hat, the world's leading provider of open-source software and services, is urging the Thai government to increase its certified engineers to fuel local data centre growth.

Category : TEXT/ Business News
29 Apr 2013
Top Ten for going mobile
A mere 10 years ago, laptops were ugly. Not just ugly, but heavy and expensive, too. Thankfully today's laptops are a totally different breed. They are faster, lighter, cheaper and a lot better looking. But how do you choose? What do you look for and how much should you spend?

Category : TEXT/ mylife
10 Apr 2013
HP returns to WebOS tablets
Hewlett-Packard (HP), the world's biggest computer maker, has resumed development of WebOS-based tablets in Thailand to capitalise on the high-growth segment and boost revenue.

Category : TEXT/ Business News
28 Mar 2013
XP phases out as robots start to heal themselves
Any organisation still using Windows XP should write down this date: April 8, 2014. After this point there will be no updates, no security fixes and no support. Office 2003 users will be in the same boat. To put that in perspective is it estimated that about 40% of desktops still use XP with Windows 7 finally passing them at 44%. Of those 40%, many have not considered their upgrade path as yet and while the OS will continue to work for a long time it will become more and more vulnerable. Hackers love XP as it is so well known to them and is often used as a springboard into organisational systems.

Category : TEXT/ mylife
20 Mar 2013
Apple's slide points to its fading allure
I was walking past the Apple store recently and wondering if as a heretic I was going to burst into flames as I walked in. After no signs of combustion I wandered round looking at the goodies. I'm the first to admit that Apple's gear looks good. Nice designs, lots of colours, all great eye candy. Financially however, the stocks have been falling as the newness of the Apple offerings have faded away. Being as objective as possible I don't see how they can recover unless they come out with a new product equivalent of the iPhone when it was first released. What this could possibly be is hard to say but a new input peripheral of some kind would be a great start. Another option is a fully open broad CODEC based media player like those of say A.C. Ryan but from a major brand name like Apple. Of course the concept of "open" has eluded Apple for most of its life.

Category : TEXT/ mylife
27 Feb 2013
Children at risk of exposure to internet's dark side
It wasn't that long ago that you would ask a young teenager about computer stuff, but these days it's even younger. According to NSPCC, a charity organisation in the UK, children as young as five should be taught about safety online.

Category : TEXT/ mylife
13 Feb 2013
Red Hat eyes data centres
Red Hat Inc, a US-based open-source software company, is expanding into promising high-growth data-centre-based technology products to tap into increasing amounts of digital data.

Category : TEXT/ Business News
3 Sep 2012
The future is here: Upgrade to IPv6 on the way
The internet is about to reach another big milestone during its short 30-year life _ changing from the current Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) to the new version 6 (IPv6), due to the shortage of web addresses.

Category : TEXT/ mylife
12 Jun 2012
Under the concept of "Modern Play" at Commart Next Gen Thailand 2012, visitors will be able to experience a variety of the latest gadgets. Those on show include the Toshiba Flashair wireless SDHC memory card, the first memory card in the world that comes with wireless Lan, and Sony's Android SmartWatch, which keeps you discreetly updated and your hands free.

Category : TEXT/ mylife
29 May 2012
Put a little light on the subject
There's a US keyboard being pitched mostly in TV adverts of a large-character device that glows in the dark, so when the sun goes down you can continue working and still see your keyboard.

Category : TEXT/ mylife
14 Feb 2012
Music app worthy of note
Midi Sheet Music is not going to take the computing world by storm, but this excellent music utility does reveal something about the direction technology is headed.

Category : TEXT/ mylife
24 Jan 2012
Comrades, Fight Bad Web!
Fight Bad Web. No, it's not a militant group organised to combat spiders whose webs are unattractive. It's the latest attempt by the Land of Logical Ideas to enforce lese majeste laws across the worldwide web.

Category : TEXT/ General News
3 Dec 2011
Not to be left behind by the wave of Android popularity and the force of the iPhone, Nokia has stood up again with an enticing new smartphone release _ the N9. Following in the footsteps of the N8 of late last year, the Finnish manufacturer is once again proving its worth at the top end of the market.

Category : TEXT/ brunch
20 Nov 2011
The unrelenting floods threatening parts of Thailand have proven the value of backing up critical business data in order to maintain business continuity and customer service in the wake of a natural disaster.

Category : TEXT/ Business News
19 Oct 2011
Catching a cyber thief: It takes one to know one
For the uninformed, the distinction is fine indeed. But for computer expert Prinya Hom-anek, the line is as clear as black and white.

Category : TEXT/ Business News
12 Oct 2011
Thai talent shines
Thai programmers have already shown their competence in developing software to serve a variety of industries. Now, there's an opportunity for the winners of the Thailand ICT Awards (TICTA) 2011 to expand their capabilities abroad by participating in the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) Awards.

Category : TEXT/ mylife
20 Sep 2011
Fast file exchanges
I just ran across a new file-sharing service, so simple that even an adult can use it. Minus.com has virtually no barriers between you and the person or people you want to get your documents, photos or whatever. You drag a file onto the browser page, copy the URL of the file location, and send it to your colleagues or friends.

Category : TEXT/ mylife
9 Aug 2011
Brought back to book
Thanks to Amazon (and Sony and Barnes and Noble, but mostly Amazon) it is fashionable to read books again. Watching reality TV and snickering at gossip websites is also part of life, but books got a new life and reputation with the Kindle toy for geeks, and its competitors, including phones and tablets.

Category : TEXT/ mylife
9 Aug 2011
PC in the cloud
Today's people are on the go, in a hurry, but never disconnected. A smart, free little program called Tonido puts your computer in the cloud, and connects you to it wherever you are.

Category : TEXT/ mylife
1 Aug 2011
SVOA to focus on low-end market
SVOA is revamping its notebook product line to focus on low-end, first-time buyers to avoid competition with international PC brands.

Category : TEXT/ Business News
20 Jul 2011
Get your music from videos
I read a piece lately on the world's top music download source. It was fascinating - not all the yacking about it, but the name of this website.

Category : TEXT/ mylife
5 Jul 2011
We get (a lot of) letters
The email servers have showed a lot of Life in the past couple of weeks.

Category : TEXT/ mylife
1 Mar 2011
Tuesday is the new Wednesday
The new face of technology coverage has piqued the interest of kind readers in the past couple of weeks. I want to get to a few of the many emailed letters, for two reasons.

Category : TEXT/ mylife
1 Feb 2011
Chatting in private
Most Bangkok geeks know by now that no system of blocking websites is perfect, and that there are ways around the web even when their betters decide that they shouldn't see certain sites.

Category : TEXT/ mylife
18 Jan 2011
The final curtain
'Post Database' founder and former Editor Tony Waltham recalls the genesis of 'Database' and pays tribute to its team of reporters, sub-editors and outside contributors in this farewell message to readers as the weekly section will now follow him into "retirement".

Category : TEXT/ Database
5 Jan 2011
All good things must come to an end
I got my first computer, an Apple II when I was around 5 years old. It was a simple machine, 48KB of RAM (or was it later upgraded to 48KB?), Integer basic (Applesoft Basic came later), cassette tape to store programs and used a TV as a monitor.

Category : TEXT/ Database
5 Jan 2011
Red Hat reasserts itself in Thailand
Seeing the growth potential of cloud computing in the Asia-Pacific region, Red Hat is promoting its open source software to universities and reasserting its presence in Thailand for the first time in three years.

Category : TEXT/ Database
29 Dec 2010
Don't touch his junk
The year 2010 comes to an end. It was the year of social media, the year of Apple and also the year of Google.

Category : TEXT/ Database
22 Dec 2010
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